• Image de APRIL PDF dame de la forêt
  • Image de APRIL PDF dame de la forêt
  • Image de APRIL PDF dame de la forêt
  • Image de APRIL PDF dame de la forêt

The flowers and plants bloom in April is to me a perpetual source of inspiration
as it keeps arousing my curiosity.
What, yesterday, seemed to be nothing more than a fragile and thin stem becomes in only some hours’ time a very dense frond of fern with bright green.
Each day, new elements appear and are born again with colorful banks.
Nature shows all its beauties to keep us amazing us tirelessly as we go through the woods.

That is what I wanted to show and express making this panel with colors
reminding us of spring but which have been somewhat shaded to represent
the fresh shadow of tall trees.

With a 17'72 x 17'72 size it mixes handmade woolen appliqués,
with various colors to subtle embroideries which give lightness to the whole set.
Some penny rugs matching the woolens surround the whole set in a soft way.

This project, really fun to make, can easily be turned into a cushion or into a table centerpiece.

The method is quite simple: fusing appliqué and embroidered again to give prominence on a flannel bottom (everything is explained in full details in the leaflet).

The pattern includes:
A color picture of the panel
The complete and fully detailed list of supply as well as the woolen quantity
A gradual and detailed leaflet
The design and full size templates of the block
The list and and memo of stitches which are used.

• Paper pattern available in ENGLISH
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